NATO delays formal decision to end Libya mission

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NATO delays formal decision to end Libya mission Empty NATO delays formal decision to end Libya mission

Post by zhendeainia on Fri Oct 28, 2011 7:22 pm

NATO postponed a definite decision to end its bombing campaign in Libya as consultations continued Wednesday with the UN and the country's interim government over how and when to wind down the operation.
NATO delays formal decision to end Libya mission Li-nato-fogh-cp-rtr2saic
Last week, the alliance announced preliminary plans to phase out its mission on Oct. 31. NATO's governing body — the North Atlantic Council, or NAC — was expected to formalize that decision Wednesday.

Air patrols have continued in the meantime because some alliance cheap jerseys members were concerned that a quick end to NATO's seven-month operation could lead to a resurgence in violence.

On Wednesday, spokeswoman Carmen Romero said NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen was consulting with the United Nations and Libya's National Transition Council.

"The NAC will meet with partners on Friday to discuss our Libya mission and take a formal decision," she said, adding that there was an "ongoing process" in the UN Security Council.

Former intelligence head in Niger
An adviser to Niger's president has confirmed that Moammar Gadhafi's cheap soccer jerseys intelligence chief has entered the country.

The adviser, who is also an influential leader within the ethnic Tuareg community, said Wednesday that Abdullah al-Senoussi had entered Niger in a convoy piloted by Tuareg drivers.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.

He said he had been informed of al-Senoussi's whereabouts from contacts inside the Tuareg community. He said al-Senoussi appears to be attempting to hide near the Niger-Algeria border.

The information was confirmed by Serge Hiltron, owner of Radio Nomad, a radio station operating in Niger's north, a region dominated by the Tuaregs.

NATO flew 26,000 sorties
U.S. Defence Secretary Leon Panetta said Tuesday during a visit to Japan custom made jerseys that some of Libya's leaders had called for NATO to continue its mission "during this interim as they try to establish some new governance."

Panetta declined to say whether the Obama administration intends to seek military ties with Libya's new government, amid uncertainty about Islamist influences there after the demise of Gadhafi.

NATO's 26,000 sorties, including 9,600 strike missions, destroyed about 5,900 military targets since they started on March 31. These included Libya's air defences and more than 1,000 tanks, vehicles and guns, as well as Gadhafi's command and control networks.

The daily airstrikes enabled the rebels' ragtag forces to advance and mlb jerseys cheap take Tripoli two months ago. On Sunday, Libya's interim rulers declared the country liberated, launching the oil-rich nation on what is meant to be a two-year transition to democracy.

In Qatar, Libya's interim leader Mustafa Abdul-Jalil attended an international planning conference Wednesday with representatives of Gulf states and Western powers that participated in the Libyan operation.

The meeting is expected to focus on how the allies could help the new authorities bring stability to the nation.

Qatar, a leading Arab backer of the uprising to topple Gadhafi's cheap nfl jerseys regime, contributed warplanes to the NATO-led air campaign and helped arrange a critical oil sale to fund the former rebels.
The United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Sweden also joined in the NATO war effort.


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