Days 22 & 23 - Wellness, the Big Picture

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Days 22 & 23 - Wellness, the Big Picture Empty Days 22 & 23 - Wellness, the Big Picture

Post by qiheitiann on Fri Oct 21, 2011 8:14 pm

One of the aspects of 40 Days to Better Living that I am enjoying most is Dr. Morris' attention to overall wellness.
Days 22 & 23 - Wellness, the Big Picture 6a00d8341ca03353ef014e8c056237970d-250wi
God created the world with each element leading to the next, until the sixth day when He created man. Every detail perfectly formed wholesale jerseysto provide an ideal environment for men and women, who He created in "His image."

Nurturing our overall health is one way we care for all that God has made. Caring for our environment is a way to protect our health.atlanta braves jerseys God's creation made to work together.

We tend to break our lives into segments paying attention to the part that screams the loudest. That doesn't make any more sense cheap mlb jerseysthan only cleaning one room of the house and ignoring the rest. Eventaully something is going to stink!

Good Stewardship

It's just good stewardship to carejerseys wholesale for all of God's gifts to us.

This week the focus of our journeycheap jerseys toward wellness will be a closer look at the ways God's creation has an inpact on our overall health.

Take a deep breath, go for a walk, listen for birds chirping, and eat a freshly picked apple. Enjoy all that God has made.

I'm considering turning off my distractions for a day this week, no phones, no television, no www. . . .

Have you ever taken a break to enjoy a day of quiet solitude? Have you fasted from social media and electronic etertainment? Have you turned off the world in your hand to experience the world outside, to experience God's big picture?
Then God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was very good!


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