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Post by antiano on Fri Jul 16, 2010 3:32 pm

for those new to 0.0 or heading down to 0.0 some simple intel to help you out.
first off start by dragging local apart from all chat cannels drag it from top to bottum place it right next to youre chat channels to always be able to monitor local see if you have or run into any reds in system

this wil also increase youre survival.

next thing if red in local never talk to them!!!

now 0.0 has things called warp bubbles they look like this 0.0 Help Pvpbasic-bubble2

if you run into these fly the same direction you came as fast as you can after your out ot the warp bubble warp to anything planet belt which is on the opisite side of the bubble once youve reached the location oposit of the warp bubble rewarp to the gate and you will fall straight at gate if not then retry.

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